Why Sleep Is Usually The Solution For Pain And Injury

95% of the time when people are coming to me for the first time, they’re coming because they have a problem.

They have some type of injury, something went wrong, they need to heal from something. All the physical stuff that we do here, the chiropractic, the PT rehab, the health, and nutrition. It’s all so critical for them to get good results. But all of that works as well as your sleep is working.

Sleep is where over 90% of healing and regenerating occurs. Most of us, again, is just very challenged in our sleep.

When we’re injured, guess what? One of the first things that get affected is our sleep. A lot of times one of the biggest complaints people are having is, “Doc, I can’t get good sleep because my back hurts, because my neck hurts, my head’s pounding. I just can’t get a good night’s rest.” It’s this vicious cycle now that they have an injury, they have pain, they have discomfort, something that’s usually occurred over decades. Their sleep has been negatively affected, often for years. But now even getting worse, affected in a worse way. They’re never going to heal properly if they can’t get their sleep right.

Actually, as Americans particularly, we have pride in the fact that we don’t sleep a lot. You’ll hear people say all the time, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Well, guess what? You’re going to be dead a lot earlier if you’re not getting your sleep. Most of the research on sleep, just people don’t know. It’s the stuff that’s come out in the last 10, 15 years. I didn’t know how important sleep was and I’m a doctor and I’m learning about this stuff all the time.

I would say one of the biggest things you can work on, you can start immediately getting better results with your health and wellbeing, is to start working on your sleep.

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