Why Have I Been Drawn To An Integrated Model For Medicine And Chiropractic

One thing I will say for me is, I work as a chiropractor in an integrated model.

When I say integrated, what I’m talking about is that I’m working with not just my chiropractic practice, but we incorporate PT rehab practices in here. I have a whole medical staff here, so we use very specific blood work. On the medical side, I utilize my medical staff for things called trigger point therapy, which is actually injections that help loosen muscles up. We have myofascial stretch therapists in my office and massage therapists.

An integrated model and the reason I was drawn to integrated models is, well, one, I want to get my patients always the best results. Chiropractic is phenomenal and amazing, but it is one aspect of something that can help people’s health and wellbeing. What I’m always looking for is, what synergies and synergistic effects can I create for my clients? I always got very good results chiropractically, but I wanted to get better results with my clients. What I found early on is I didn’t want to just do this alone, but I wanted to work with other people who were looking to do the same thing and other practitioners with people. So, A, I love just the aspect of working with other people and having that synergy. But what’s really exciting for me as a doctor is, I get to see better results with my clients.

One of the first things that I got into that was outside of just being a chiropractor with my clients is, I started incorporating different physical therapy modalities. So chiropractic, let’s kind of put it simply for you. You may be familiar with chiropractic, you may not. When we adjust people, we’re realigning the spine or we’re getting proper motion of the spine. The result of that is to free up nerve flow, which is how your brain and your body communicate with each other. Okay? Ultimately your brain controls, coordinates, regulates every function of your body. And the more we can strengthen our brain and body’s ability to communicate, the better our body can self-heal, self-regulate, and adapt to stress.

Adjustments start moving things back. The challenge when you start adjusting to people is, the muscle has memory. Most people come in and they’re seeing me, they have a problem. Things are out of alignment, but their muscles and ligaments have learned these patterns over years and decades. We actually have a very specific test that we can show people exactly what’s going on with these muscle patterns, which is really cool because you can just see objectively what’s going on with that. But we adjust you, we start moving things back, here’s the problem. Muscle has memory. What do your muscles want to do right away? They want to pull everything right back.

One of the first things I learned was, “Well, how are you going to get those muscles and ligaments to learn these new positions quicker?”

I started doing a very specific, which is really PT rehab’s modalities of proprioception, which is simply your body’s ability to know where it is in space. For example, if I close my eyes, I stick my arm above my head. Okay. I know my hands above my head. My proprioceptive nerves are telling me that. Basically, I started incorporating PT, which is balancing-type exercises, initially. That allowed my clients to get about 40 to 60% quicker results because we’re retraining those muscles to do what they should be doing.

Well, that was really cool. Now I’m getting better results. I met somebody who was a massage therapist, who was just phenomenal. She was actually working on me and I was like, “Well, why wouldn’t I bring this person into my office to see if I can get even better results?” Started doing that. These synergies, just for me in my 20-year career, just continued to build. It was really always about me looking for, “What can I do to get my clients better results?” The cool thing for me is the things that help my clients get better results are the same things that are helping me get better results with my health and wellbeing. I do have this great passion for my clients, but selfishly, I also have this passion for myself. Really everything I do, I utilize on myself as well too.

The other thing I will say I see with working with other people is, the great thing about that is we also get other ideas and other … Most of the people that I’ve ever worked with have the same passion for health and wellbeing, and their own health and wellbeing, as I do. They come in and they are learning new things, and “Hey, I did this course this weekend,” and, “Have you done this meditation course or breathing exercises?” Or, “What about this latest thing coming out in the supplemental world?” I get to be around those people all day long, and I’m always looking to learn more and have other people who share the same passions that I do.

Those people inspire me and motivate me, and my goal is to do the same thing for them.

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