What Losing 50 Pounds Does to Your Body

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what losing 50 pounds does to your body

I set out on my journey by walking for weight loss, then running, and I eventually did a triathlon. Along the way I faced numerous obstacles from blisters to dizziness to muscle cramps but luckily (and thankfully) they were issues that served as temporary setbacks.

I have lost a total of 50 pounds, which is no small amount! You might ask what losing 50 pounds does to your body, well, I would advise anyone considering a major weight loss to be prepared to be challenged mentally and physically in ways they could not imagine before they start.

The stomach, specifically, takes time to readjust, and getting rid of the fat can be a frustrating process because it can take months or even years for skin, roundness, and new habits (eating) to adjust.

Health Advantages & Disadvantages of Losing 50 Pounds

Here are some health benefits of losing 50 pounds:

#1 – Better Sleep

More than half of Americans report that they don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. That’s because more belly fat means more risk for sleep apnea, which can cause you to wake up multiple times throughout the night.

If you’re losing weight, however, you can reduce your risk of sleep apnea and improve the quality of your sleep. As you lose weight, your breathing becomes easier, which means you sleep more soundly and wake up less often throughout the night.

#2 – Improved Mood

Losing 50 pounds can have a dramatic effect on your mood. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’ll also notice that your body is more capable of doing things it used to find difficult.

When you’re overweight and have a poor diet, your body is in a constant state of inflammation. That inflammation can lead to depression, anxiety, and even chronic fatigue syndrome. But once you start eating healthier and exercising regularly, you’ll notice that your mood begins to improve—in some cases more quickly than any other aspect of your life.

Consult your medical health professional in case you’re planning on taking natural supplements to further help you improve your mood and encourage relaxation, such as Aura. This supplement also reduces inflammation all throughout your body and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

#3 –  Altered Taste Buds

When you’re overweight, your taste buds have been dulled by years of eating high-calorie foods and drinking sweetened beverages. Once you lose weight, however, those taste buds are able to experience flavors in a way they never could before. Not only will you find yourself craving healthier foods, but you may also have a new appreciation for foods that you never thought you’d like.

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#4 – Sharpened Memory

According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Association, losing weight can improve memory in older adults. The study found that those who lost weight showed increased activity in the hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in learning and memory. This suggests that losing weight may help you remember things better as you age.

Aside from this, you may also find that your mind is more active in general. You may become more interested in learning new things and exploring new topics—and this can make for an exciting new chapter in your life.

#5 – Sexual Health Improves

Losing weight can improve your sex life in several ways. First and foremost, if you’re overweight, losing just 10 pounds can reduce your risk for diabetes, which is one of the biggest killers in America.

Diabetes can lead to sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. Second, losing weight reduces stress on your heart—another major cause of sexual problems in men and women alike. Finally, losing weight gives you more energy and vigor for physical activity—including sex.

#6 – More Mobility

You might not realize it, but your body wasn’t designed to carry around so much weight. As a result, you have to work extra hard just to get through your daily life—and that’s not good for anyone.

Losing 50 pounds can give your body a much-needed break from carrying around all that extra weight. Not only does this mean less strain on your joints and muscles, but it also means you can do things like running upstairs without feeling winded afterward.

#7 – Metabolism Increases

Losing weight is all about achieving a balance between your energy intake and energy output. When you eat more than you burn, your body stores the excess as fat. When you burn more than you eat, your body uses fat stores to provide the extra energy it requires.

One of the benefits of losing so much weight is increased metabolism. A person who has lost 50 pounds will have a higher BMR (basal metabolic rate) than they did when they weighed 100 pounds; this means their body will be able to use more calories for fuel, allowing them to lose even more weight in the future.

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Pound per Pound: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Is 50 Lbs a Lot of Weight Loss?

YES! There are many reasons why losing 50 pounds is so significant. For one, it puts you at a much lower risk of developing serious conditions like diabetes and heart disease. You’ll also see an improvement in your overall health and well-being, including improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety levels.

Will I Have Loose Skin After Losing 50 Pounds?

You might ask several related questions such as:

“What does losing 50 lbs look like?”

“Will I have loose skin after losing 50 pounds?”

“Does losing weight increase the size of clothing because of loose skin?”

The short answer to all of these is yes. But don’t worry—it’s not as bad as you think.

Losing a significant amount of weight can cause the skin to stretch, sag, and lose elasticity. This is especially true if your weight loss was rapid.

If you’ve been bulking up on weight-gain shakes and gaining muscle, then your skin may be tighter and more resilient to stretching than if you lost the same amount of weight over a longer period of time while eating healthy foods (such as foods that bulk up your legs and body) that are high in fiber and protein. Throw in a good gut supplement such as Optima to maximize nutrient absorption.

That being said, even if your skin buckles a little bit after losing 50 pounds, it’s still not as bad as you might think.

While some people do experience extreme loose skin around their midsection or buttocks area after losing large amounts of weight, others report only small problems with excess flab around their arms or face. In fact, most people who lose 50+ pounds find that they’re able to maintain their figures without having to wear shapewear at all.

How Long Should It Take To Lose 50 Pounds Safely?

If you’re wondering how to lose 50 pounds in the best possible time, you must also first consider what is the safe time frame to do this.

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Losing 50 pounds is a big deal. It’s a huge accomplishment that will change your life for the better, but it also takes work. If you want to lose 50 pounds in a healthy way, here’s how long it should take:

  • If you’re starting from an unhealthy weight (weighing more than 20% more than what’s considered healthy for your height) or have health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure, an initial weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week is recommended. This means your total weight loss will be anywhere from 25-100 pounds over the course of one year.

Is Losing 50 Pounds in a Year Healthy?

YES! If you’re eating healthy and exercising regularly, losing that much weight should be fine for your body. Some people resort to having auxiliary methods in losing weight, such as liposuction or ultrasonic fat removal, along with their diet and lifestyle change, in order to accelerate weight loss.

However, if you’re doing it by starving yourself or taking diet pills, that’s not healthy at all. Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly will help keep your weight loss on track and make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs.


The entire time it took me to lose the weight, I never questioned whether or not I wanted to do it. The challenge was always a stimulating one and even now that the weight is gone it’s a daily challenge to continue eating right and exercising the way I know best.

It’s not just about looking better. Losing weight can change your life for the better—and not just in terms of how you look or feel. In addition to having a sharper memory and being able to run up a flight of stairs without getting winded, you’ll also have more energy, better self-esteem, and better health overall.

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