We Know More About Longevity Now Than We Did 10 Years Ago

We know a lot more now about longevity than we knew even 10 years ago.

And when I say we know more, what I mean is there are actually now technologies and solutions to things that were problems that cause us to age that now we have solutions for. You may have heard of stem cell technology and stem cell treatments. Maybe you have friends who have done stem cells. Stem cells are something that we all have in our bodies. We’ve known about stem cells for decades, but only recently have we started utilizing stem cells for all their potentials. Stem cells are something that triggers your body to heal and regenerate. Actually, we would all be dead if we didn’t have stem cells, but now we can utilize our own stem cells. We can put those in a Petri dish, multiply them, reinsert those into you so the stem cells will do the job that maybe it would have been doing when you were 20 years old, maybe you’re 40 years old now so you’re able to utilize those.

There are amnionic stem cells, which are stem cells utilized from the placenta of healthy mothers who donate that placenta at childbirth and they have what’s called virgin stem cells. Those are stem cells that are in the placenta that have no genetic markers that anybody can utilize to maybe say, heal and regenerate damage that you did to your knee. There are also treatments like NAD treatments, which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.

Okay, that’s a really big word, right? That’s why we call it NAD. But that is an oxidized form of vitamin B3 and as we age, we all utilize NAD on a cellular level to produce energy.

And as we age, our NAD levels start to drop and this has somewhat what you would probably call aging effects on the body.

You’re not as energized. Your ability to heal and regenerate significantly diminish as your NAD levels diminish. It actually affects your body’s ability to DNA repair, which is a major component in getting older. We actually now have ways that you can supplement NAD or NAD boosters into your lifestyle. Simple therapy, simple treatments that you can do that re-up your NAD levels and essentially turn that clock backward on these things that we associate and our parents associated with aging.

There are lots of solutions coming out all the time that are going to create and are creating people’s ability to live longer and not just live longer, but live healthier and thrive at 50, 60, 70, and far beyond

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