We Are All SuperHuman You Are Designed To Be HEALTHY

There is a very good reason that we picked the name Superhuman. The reason being is that we are all superhuman.

One foundational thing I have to emphasize to people all the time is that you are designed to be healthy. You are designed to feel great. You are not designed to be sick. Nobody is designed to have cancer. Nobody’s designed to have heart disease.

I mean, if you think about it from the evolutionary side of it, the way evolution works is survival of the fittest. Over time, biologically, we’re all designed to be healthy to live and to thrive. That’s why we’re here today, because our ancestors were designed to be healthy. They managed to push through where other species and other things didn’t. So we know on the biological side that we’re designed to be healthy.

Even if you’re looking on the spiritual side, every spirituality teaches you’re designed to be healthy. You’re designed to be this amazing person that you are.

Nobody’s designed to be sick. We all have biological weaknesses, meaning that if you don’t give your body what you need, if you’re not getting the nutrients you need, you’re not getting the sleep you need, you’re not exercising and just moving your body the way that you need to, okay, you might get heart disease. I might get cancer. So we have these weaknesses if we don’t get the things that we need, that something’s going to cause us to be sick. But if you’re getting the things that you need, you’re not designed to be sick and unhealthy. So that’s one thing.

Becoming superhuman is really about becoming the full potential of you the way you’re designed to be. For the most part, what people aren’t doing is they’re not educated, they’re not empowered, and they’re not informed on what those things are. So they’re not doing some things that they could be doing that’s going to make them better. They’re also doing some things that they shouldn’t be doing that’s making them worse.

These are things that just over time, good stuff moves you in a good direction, bad stuff moves you in the bad direction. Nobody does everything perfectly good and nobody does everything perfectly bad. Although, I’ve seen some people come pretty close to this. But over time, your health and your wellbeing is really going to be determined by you tipping this scale to doing more good and less bad.

There’s simple strategies to do this. Again, for me, I always start with like, “Hey, what can we add?”

It’s easier to add good things than sometimes it is to take bad things away. And as you add good things, what’s going to happen? You actually have only so much time in the day, so you will find yourself doing fewer and fewer bad things.

Here’s what I see what happens with people consistently too is as you start having success, okay, it feels good, you feel good. You start believing in yourself. And over time, people move more and more into this direction. A lot of people I’ve had tried things and they’ve had failures too, so that psychologically can, over time, start pushing them in that bad direction too.

It just kind of depends where people are at. But wherever you’re at, you can only move in one or two directions with your health. You’re either going to be getting better or worse. There’s no perfect 10. If you’re zero, you’re dead. We’re not having a conversation. So right now I can tell you guaranteed you’re somewhere in between and you can only move in one or two directions, either up or down, okay?

And whether you’re a 9.5 in your health, whether you’re a 2.5 in your health, we want to help you keep on moving up.

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