TECHTALK: Sleep Biohacking Bood Lab 3d Sleep Mask

I’m going to be sharing with you today one of my favorite technologies that I use to bio-hack, in this one particular, my sleep, as well as my meditations.

This is called the Boodlab 3-D sleep mask headphones. So, what this is, this is really cool, and you can order this off of Amazon. I think it cost $20 to $25, so very affordable. This is a sleep mask. Now, this is a really cool sleep mask, in terms of it’s really comfortable. I’ve utilized probably a thousand different sleep masks in my time, just trying the different ones, and what works and what doesn’t work. Sleep masks are very important because the science is very clear now that the more you can blackout light from your eyes, even with your eyes closed, the better your sleep is going to be, and it’s going to help, particularly with your sleep cycles.

Your body actually has all these light sensors, literally on your skin that detect light, and when light’s hitting your body, it can be affecting your sleep cycles. But really it makes a big difference if it’s hitting your light if your eyes at all with that. What these dudes are going to cover, obviously block the light out. Very nice the way these indent in too because they’re not going to be hitting your eyelashes. Once you get used to wearing these, which really takes maybe a night or two, if not sooner, you’re not going to be bothered by wearing these at all too. It’s soft, it’s plushy, it’s comfortable. It fits around your head. The cool thing with this is that also has Bluetooth built into it, and it has two little speakers right here.

What I do with this is, I wear this when I go to bed, and I wear, I listen to different binaural beats. I might be listening to different guided meditations.

I might be listening to different things that will take me into a trance state, which is again, just allowing me to calm my body, and set my brain into that proper place to get sleep. Because I’m wearing other wearables, I’m tracking my sleep. When I started utilizing this device, guess what I saw? I saw that my sleep lengthened. Even more importantly, my REM and my deep cycles improved.

Even more importantly, as I use different music I might be listening to, or sometimes I’m just listening to a storm on a rainy night. I can see what actually is affecting my sleep, and what is maybe not affecting my sleep. You can always also use this with different guided meditations. Again, I can have this with me in the middle of the day.

Hey, I got 15 minutes. I’m going to go take a little guided meditation break. Put this on, sit back, chill. Very quickly, get me into the proper state to get my body into a more relaxed state, which is going to again, ultimately help my health and wellbeing and help me be more superhuman all the time. So, this is a really cool technology. I use this every night. My wife uses this every night. My children use this. I recommend this to many clients, I know the success of this because I’ve used this with hundreds of people. Really cool technology.

You can find these things off Amazon, and pick one of these up. Thank you, and we’ll see you soon.

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