Steve Howey Weight Loss Journey

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steve howey weight loss

Steve Howey, star of the hit Showtime series “Shameless,” is recognized for his impressive body. This is not, however, his normal demeanor. Howey’s health has gone through several changes over the years. Steve stopped caring about his health once his former Reba program was shelved.

He eventually became overweight because of this, and the actor broke vertebrae as a result of his excessive weight. Once he got the part on Shameless, though, he had to work out to prepare for it, both to benefit the performance and his own well-being. That’s when the Steve Howey Weight Loss Journey began.

Steve Howey: Who Is He?

The transformation of actor Steve Howey has garnered a lot of media attention. Howey’s weight loss began in Season 7 and was more pronounced in Season 8. Fans of Steve Howey started to wonder about his slimming down after they noticed the changes in his smokey appearance. His newly prominent six-pack reflected his improved diet and reduced exercise regimen.

Steve Howey explained the origins of the change that has befallen us in an appearance in Men’s Journal. Before he was on Shameless, he was in the ensemble of the show Reba, which spanned many seasons.

After Reba ended, Howey was left wondering about his own destiny. The stress of constantly wondering what might happen next was a major contributor to his rapid maturation. After Howey joined Shameless’s cast, he finally got rid of the excess weight he’d been carrying for years.

How Did Steve Howey Lose Weight?

Howey’s secret to losing weight was a daily physical routine that took up around 40 minutes of his time, which he shared with the Reddit community. The routine that Steve Howey used to lose weight was the same one that the Wrestling Team of the state of Arizona does.

squat presses with a weight plate

The actor performed sets of 10–15 shoulder and squat presses with a weight plate weighing 45 pounds. Fans, by the way, could monitor his workouts at the Equinox near him.

Steve Howey heard his spouse Sarah Shahi talking about healthy lunches, and he immediately became interested. To counteract the unhealthy food delivered to them, his wife began stockpiling veggies and preparing nutritious meals.

To figure out what she should and shouldn’t eat, Howey used the Blood Type Diet app. The actor realized that a diet of chicken wings and beer was making him drowsy, so he stopped eating and drinking them.

Steve Howey Weight Loss Motivation

One of the greatest barriers to losing weight was postponing action. For example, Howey noted, “Not many of the entertainers I aspire to be like are in excellent shape” in an interview with Men’s Health. Therefore, he rationalized, “It’s fine that I’m overweight.”

However, time passed, and Steve concluded that he needed to change his weight to lead the best possible life. Howey said, “Who cares if you are humorous or not when you are dying?” in the same interview. After coming to this conclusion, Steve decided to begin the “Steve Howey Weight Loss Journey.”

Steve Howey’s Workout Session

What’s a typical Steve Howey workout?

Steve is no longer a victim of laziness or procrastination thanks to the skills he has acquired. Howey stated during the interview, “When I don’t feel like working out or lifting weights, I simply get on the treadmill for walking. For the past ten minutes, I’ve been walking while listening to music.

When the first 10 minutes are up, I persuade myself, “Why not do 15 more minutes?” That’s how he remains focused no matter what comes his way.

man exercising outside

Steve works out pretty hard. He once claimed, “40 minutes is my warm-up,” in an interview. “I put in an average of three to four hours at the gym daily”. Steve devotes 15 minutes a day to each sort of cardiovascular exercise. Well, that explains his massive muscle mass! Cardiovascular exercises, in addition, are a great way how to tone muscle without bulking up.

Steve Howey’s Diet Plan

The “Steve Howey Diet Plan” receives the same priority as his workout plan.

Steve thinks maintaining a healthy weight is as simple as monitoring caloric intake and increasing physical activity. Steve used to consume a lot of meat every day before he started his weight loss journey. While he still enjoys chicken and meat, he is well aware of the need to monitor his calorie consumption to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

He also followed the advice of his doting wife, Sarah Shahi, and ate more veggies. Green salad has replaced meat and potatoes as his go-tos for both lunch and dinner. Additionally, he has curbed his excessive alcohol consumption.

If you’re planning to take on a diet like Steve Howey, I would recommend adding weight loss supplements that are natural and healthy. These will boost your metabolism and help your body absorb and process nutrients better. Supplements such as Optima have naturally-derived ingredients that are of top quality.

Does Steve Howey Have Cancer?

No, Steve Howey doesn’t have cancer. He is famous for his body transformation, and has become a mainstream inspiration for a lot of people struggling to lose weight.

Is Steve Howey healthy?

Yes. Howey is not only healthy, but he’s also a health advocate. He credits his turnaround in health to a combination of eating healthier and working out regularly.


Steve is living proof that it’s never too late to start eating healthier and getting in shape. He has suffered from his weight for years and had many health problems, but with a change in his diet and a commitment to working out, he was able to turn it all around.

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