NAD Drip Therapy: What to Expect?

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nad drip

NAD+ drip is an enemy of aging. Medical science considers it the best working technique to fight back aging.

On a biological level, the body gets energy from cellular functions occurring inside it every moment. With age, the number of damaged cells increases. This is because the repair rate gets slower. It causes poor cellular function, affecting energy levels and immunity.

Aging doesn’t mean only wrinkled skin; it comes with low energy, diabetes, arthritis, poor mental focus, and many more problems.

Scientists have been working hard to find the best solution to fight aging symptoms. After their dedicated efforts, the concept of NAD drip came into existence. Experts have been discussing the role of NAD drip therapy in combating aging since the 1960s. It has the highest success rates, making it popular in the health sector.

What Precisely Is NAD+?

Human body cells produce NAD, also known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, in sufficient amounts. This coenzyme supports living cells in their functions. Further, the NAD coenzyme can be divided into two variants in NADH and NAD+. We’re going to fully discuss the latter here.

The NAD+ molecule is vital in absorbing nutrients and converting them into energy. Additionally, it keeps the body clock or the circadian rhythm in check. However, this supply of NAD gets depleted over time. It results in numerous health issues- which we call “aging signs.”

A NAD Drip: What Is It?

A NAD drip is like a hydrating solution that’s injected into your body through the veins, directly into your bloodstream. Unlike capsules and medicines, it doesn’t have to go through digestion and lose its potential. An energy drip is a saline solution that sometimes contains nutrients like vitamin B3, C, and others. They help in doubling the benefits of NAD drip.

It boosts the supply of energy in the body, which has been depleted due to aging. This NAD+ sends electrons between reactions. Thus, mitochondria become sufficient to complete metabolic functions and produce energy for the whole body.

How Does NAD+ Help the Body?

A body with a sufficient amount of NAD+ is a healthy and maintained one. It has restorative properties, which makes it work as a healing system.

When NAD+ drip is injected into the body through an IV drip, it reaches the body’s cells and the neurons in the brain. The coenzyme binds with the cellular components and supports mitochondrial functions.

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Therefore, mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells, get more energy to repair and revive the damaged cells. This heals wounds and pain in the body and lowers the symptoms of diseases. The brain also gets more energy to focus better without feeling tired.

The Advantages of NAD+ IV Therapy

Some of the benefits of NAD+ IV therapy are…

Brain Fog

In the absence of NAD, a substance called myelin drops. Myelin is essential for super-fast responses between reactions. NAD+ protects this substance from loss. Additionally, NAD also works as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Thus, it clears brain fog and improves decision-making skills. It also helps with concentrating on tasks and boosts productivity.

Muscular Protection

With age, the veins and blood vessels start to die, making it worse for the muscles. Thus, the signals can’t pass through the blood properly. NAD therapy supplies NAD in the body, which acts as a neurotransmitter. As a result, the remaining muscles and blood vessels communicate efficiently.

Since the therapy improves muscle function, it’s quite useful for people struggling with muscular dystrophy.

Improves Metabolism

During metabolism, food converts into ATP, which is responsible for creating cellular energy. NAD boosts metabolism so that the body can convert food into energy rapidly and not store it as fat. Therefore, regular NAD IV drip therapy can help with weight loss. It also reduces the risk of health concerns such as insulin resistance, hypertension, and diabetes as they’re all linked to metabolism.

Improves Mental Health

NAD IV therapy increases the levels of serotonin in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter. It’s also called the “happy hormone” and is responsible for regulating mood. The higher the NAD+ levels, the greater the serotonin production. Increased serotonin will relieve anxiety, insomnia, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Age-Related Issues

With the advancement of age, DNA can’t be converted into proteins properly. During this transformation, a lot of errors and mutations also occur. Sufficient levels of NAD can regulate these proteins and heal damaged DNA.

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NAD+ also helps the folded proteins of the mitochondria come back into shape. Thus, NAD therapy prevents tumorigenesis, cancer, and cell death. Besides, NAD also helps in boosting blood flow throughout the body, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

High Energy

NAD boosts metabolism, and metabolism boosts ATP, an energy hub for the cells. The cells use this ATP for cellular functions and to increase the body’s overall energy.

Who Should Consider NAD+ IV Therapy?

  • NAD+ IV therapy is excellent for people struggling with addiction. It helps to fight all kinds of addictions, like cravings for alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • People with chronic pain should go for this therapy because it reduces inflammation by activating antioxidants.
  • It also combats symptoms of diabetes, so it’s excellent for diabetic patients.
  • NAD+ therapy boosts serotonin in the body. It’s not only a neurotransmitter but also acts as a mood stabilizer. Thus, it’s super beneficial for anyone fighting depression and sleep deprivation.
  • Since the NAD molecules increase immunity, the therapy is also helpful for COVID patients. Learn more about how to make your immune system stronger.
  • If someone isn’t able to lose weight after trying hard, NAD therapy can be of help. It’s because NAD promotes metabolism.
  • Apart from these, NAD+ therapy is useful for everyone who wants a healthy body and a clear mind.

How To Increase NAD+

The loss of NAD+ supply isn’t good for health as it invites many health-related issues. This is why regularly checking the NAD+ level and opting for specific ways to increase it is important. Here are some of the best methods to increase its production.


Taking supplements is the easiest way to boost NAD+, and they’re readily available on the market. They’re also affordable. The biggest issue with NAD+ supplements is that they come in capsule form. It can’t be absorbed by the cells without passing through the digestive system. This long process causes the supplement to lose its potency to a great extent.

Here are the most effective supplements to take for a healthy body.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting means eating after a large gap. It helps to keep the body under calorie restriction. Thus, it slows down the cellular aging process. Following intermittent fasting in daily life is the best hack to boost NAD+.

Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is a very popular one among different diets. It includes high fat and low carb meals, pushing the body into a state of ketosis. During ketosis, the body uses stored fat as an energy source rather than carbohydrates. The diet also promotes the production of nad+ coenzyme. However, the diet may not be suitable for everyone.

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NAD+ Drip Therapy

It’s one of the best methods to supply NAD+ to the body, and its effect is quick and long-term. This therapy involves injecting a hydrating saline solution into the veins. Hence, NAD+ replenishes the body without undergoing any loss. If needed, the patient undergoing NAD+ therapy can also add additional minerals like vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin C to the package.

Answering Your Queries Relating To NAD Drip

What Is a NAD Drip For?

A NAD Drip is for combating the aging process and reducing its early signs. It boosts energy, decreases age-related problems, and promotes better overall health.

How Often Should You Get NAD Drip?

The frequency of getting NAD drip depends on a person’s wellness goals. It can be once or twice a week, and sometimes more often. But it’s always better to talk to your doctor so that he can analyze your current health condition and suggest the best NAD dosage to get the most favorable results.

Are NAD Injections Worth It?

NAD injections are totally worth it if taken regularly. They’re safe and have a high success rate. Many people said that they feel a significant boost in their mood and overall health after the injection.


Hope we have been successfully able to address all your queries on what is a nad drip and its benefits.

Although NAD IV therapy is safe for everyone, there are still a few things to be careful of. We recommend going for this therapy with the assistance of a reputed healthcare provider to avoid any risks. Finding safe and sound health care isn’t that tough.

You can also try immune-boosting beverages to boost your immune system.

Besides, if you want an easy alternative to pumping up your NAD levels, then you can try our Infinity NAD+ Longevity supplement that helps reverse the aging process! 

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