NAD Booster A Vital Part Of The SuperHumn Supplements

One of my favorite products that we are releasing with our superhuman supplement brand is a product that is at NAD booster.

And it has a thing called in it that you will find in almost no supplements called nicotinamide riboside. We just call it NR because saying nicotinamide riboside all day long is just, it doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue. Does it? And what it does is boosts another chemical in your body called NAD. NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Another one that we’re calling NAD for obvious reasons with that. And you may have heard of it, you probably haven’t. NAD is simply an oxidized form of vitamin B3. Everything that is alive utilizes NAD. In fact, every plant, every animal on this planet utilizes NAD. It wouldn’t be alive without it. So it’s a pretty vital thing.

No pharmaceutical company can patent it because it’s a form of vitamin B3. So that maybe is one of the reasons that you don’t hear too much about it because it can’t be turned into a billion-dollar drug. But what NAD does is, helps your body on a cellular level. It’s part of the Krebs cycle, produces energy. And to just keep it simple, you need energy for everything, right? And your health and wellbeing are very dependent on your body’s ability to produce energy. Your immune system, your body’s ability to heal and regenerate are very dependent on NAD. And if you just think about it from the aspect of if you’ve ever been sick, and all of us have been, one of the first things that happen to you is you just feel very tired and worn out. That’s because your immune system requires so much energy at those moments to help you heal, regenerate, and recover from whatever it is that you’re sick with.

NAD, you can’t just take NAD directly as a supplement. Your body, your stomach, cannot break it down and absorb it into your bloodstream, or it actually will over break it down so it won’t absorb into your bloodstream. But there are precursors to NAD which will help boost your NAD levels. And one of those precursors that have been very well studied now is this NR sub-product supplementation that is in our longevity product. And that’s been shown to boost your NAD levels 30% to 40%. As we age, our NAD levels are going down. A healthy 40-year-old has about 40% to 60% less NAD than they had when they were in their 20s. And that’s a healthy 40-year-old. And we know there’s a lot of people who just aren’t healthy 40-year-olds out there. So those people who aren’t healthy, NAD levels have been diminished even more.

But you can now take these boosters that will increase your NAD levels by about 30 to 40%. Okay?

What’s that going to help you with? Well, everything that your body uses energy for, which is literally everything. But common things that people experience when they start boosting their NAD levels is they have more energy, more strength, more stamina. It has a huge impact on many people with their sleep. Not just the amount of sleep that they get, the quantity of sleep, but with the quality of sleep. Particularly helping people get more deep sleep and deep sleep is really where a lot of the healing and regeneration of your body occurs.

A lot of the things that we associate with aging are tied in directly to just our NAD levels decreasing. So I’m a longevity expert and a biohacker and a body hacker when it comes to longevity practices. And I am telling you right now if you go to these conferences, I go to them, I’ve spoken at these conferences. They are all these top PhDs and scientists in the world who are talking about NAD replenishment. So it has been a major breakthrough in the last 5 or 10 years. Again, most of the public does even know what it is. They’ve heard of longevity. They’re looking. Most people are interested in this stuff because they want to feel better and great as they get older. And NAD is one of the very tangible, real things that you can do right now.

I’m super excited that we have this product that has a NAD booster in it.

And we also put in this product, other products that are going to help even more so boost NAD levels and strengthen your body’s ability to live along and feel phenomenal.

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