My Love Of Helping YOU Made Me a Better Chiropractor and Healer

The number one reason I was drawn to this profession of healing and chiropractic: The impact of how it helped me.

What really made me want to become a chiropractor and follow this passion that I have is I love helping other people. At the end of the day, what gets me off and makes me happy, makes it all worthwhile is that I just really like to help other people. And I get to help people all day long with what I do.

When I first got involved with chiropractic, it was simply helping people with adjustments and chiropractic, but I became very passionate for my clients, as well as for myself with just overall health and wellness. And that’s looking at everything. And that’s really looking at lifestyle choices more than anything. I mean, that’s the foundation to everything is the choices that I’m making, that you’re making on a day-to-day basis with your health and wellbeing.

95% of health isn’t going to be from you coming to somebody like me. It’s going to be from you.

What are you putting in your mouth?

What time are you going to bed?

Where are you finding happiness and joy?

What are you doing to balance your life and relax and create some mindful practices, whether that’s breathing exercises or meditation?

All these things, the reality is I become passionate about them for myself because I love the benefits of the results that I get. Being a doctor who is not only teaching about health and wellness but really living that brand. And so I got really passionate about this stuff for myself. I got passionate about the results that I got.

Listen, I’m turning 50 this year, which is very surreal to me because any image I ever had of being 50 years old is not who I am today.

And I am a way better person, healthier than I’ve ever been. I wouldn’t have ever imagined in my early twenties that this would be the way that I’m feeling when I’m 50 years old. And I actually feel that way when I was 45. I wouldn’t believe how good I feel today. My point being, as I’ve educated and empowered myself, I’ve just continued to get better, better results in a way that I didn’t even think was possible. And I love sharing that with you and the different clients that I get to work with. It is such a blessing.

People just don’t know. I see how disempowered people are with their health and wellbeing. And that’s usually just simply because of a lack of knowledge. They just don’t believe this stuff is true and real, and that you can do this. There’s so much information out there. So people get lost in bad information or things that just really aren’t going to help them. So one of the things I love to do is just kind of help people slowly and incrementally make small improvements to their health and wellbeing. I will tell you that’s the key to it. It’s not that, hey, here’s a list of a hundred things you need to do. It’s here are some real tangible things you can do to start getting results now.

Once you start building that momentum, that can just keep on going on and on and on. And really I’m convinced that can just go on and on forever. I mean, why not? I’m all ready, like I said, above and beyond where I ever thought I would have been at 50. I don’t feel like I’m slowing down. I’m not slowing down. I’m not planning to slow down. And I know if I can be doing that, my clients can be doing that. I want to help other people do that. I mean, life is for living, and my ultimate goal is to get the most out of life.

That’s my goal for my clients and whatever that means to you because different people want to get different things out of their life.

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