My Life In As A Chiropractor and Healer In Arizona

Well, I was born in Arizona, so I grew up in Tucson.

My parents moved there a year before I was born. I actually went to school, everywhere I went to school was within two miles of each other. Elementary in Tucson, went to a school called Miles Elementary. After that, I went to Tucson High, with about 3000 people there. From there, I went to the University of Arizona, got interested in chiropractic. When I discovered chiropractic, I went to chiropractic school.

That was in California, four years. Definitely wanted to live in Arizona. I always thought I wanted to live in California, and living in California for four years made me realize that I love Arizona. So when I graduated from chiropractic school, I came back here to Scottsdale. I’ve been here for 20 years, just loving Scottsdale so much. Definitely home. Great place to be. People are very health conscious here, so it’s been a good environment for that.

Yeah, Scottsdale Arizona is just my home and where I’m very happy to be.

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