Miracles Of Medicine Happen Every Day

I want to say that there are miracles of medicine that happen every day. Where medicine clearly gets the best results is if you’re in a life or death situation.

If you got hit by a car, you have a heart attack, you’ve got to this point that you’re in this life or death situation, medicine, medical doctor, get to the ER will save your life. And it is phenomenal in that way. And medicine in the last particularly 50 years has just gotten better and better at saving people when they’re just about dead. Where medicine gets used a lot and probably doesn’t get its best result is in situations where people are just not as healthy as they should be. So they start getting different symptoms related to that. And medicine will often in those cases start treating those symptoms.

I will tell you there’s a very high percentage of time where people are on certain medications, treating symptoms, that the medication is treating whatever the symptom is, but it’s not treating the problem with the person. It’s a bandaid on the situation.

Many of these situations are things that people, including you reading this, could be making simple lifestyle choices and changes that will get them the effects that they’re hoping that medication is going to get them. A simple thing like depression and not feeling good, there’s been major studies showing that if you just get out and exercise and move and get out in nature, that is going to have a positive effect, often as a positive effect, if not even more so than a medication you might take for some simple depression. Now, certainly, there are cases when people are depressed that they need certain medications, they’re going to need it.

But probably, I don’t know the percentage, but I would guess over 70%, 80% of the time, if people just made certain lifestyle choices and health choices, they wouldn’t need those medications anymore.

They would get the results that they’re looking for because their body is the best drug store in the world and it’s producing the chemicals that they need to get the results that they’re looking for. And really, the result that they’re looking for is they want to feel good. They want to go out. They want to be vibrant. They want to be healthy. When you’re healthy, it translates into mentally and emotionally feeling good. We tend to separate these things like our mind and our body is two different things. We know scientifically very well that everything that happens in your mind affects your body and everything that happens in your body affects your mind.

There actually is no separation. It’s all you.

How you take care of that and the things, the choices that you make will get you where you want to be. Unfortunately the American medical model tends to disempower people when it comes to their health and wellbeing. We have just inundated thinking that our health just happens to us, that it’s not in our control. And we have this great medical system, “Hey, you have this problem. We’re going to give this pill. We’re going to give this potion. We’re going to give you this lotion.”

There is a time and place for that stuff, but we are much more dependent on that as a society as we should be. And the more we empower ourselves to take control of our health and wellbeing, the less we’re going to need that stuff.

And when we do need that stuff, again, let’s all be thankful that it is there for us.

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