Soothing Pain with Lactose Intolerance Home Remedies

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lactose intolerance home remedies

Lactose is the natural sugar found in milk, which needs the lactase enzyme within the body to be digested healthily. The absence of enough lactase enzymes prevents lactose from breaking down into glucose and galactose, which is essential for the body to absorb this sugar. 

Hence, this absence of lactase enzymes triggers lactose intolerance symptoms in your body. There are evident lactose intolerance home remedies for you to take measures and cure this condition. 

You can obviously prefer to avoid drinking milk or switch to lactose-free milk, but what if you can actually try and cure it? 

This article gives insight into 19 home remedies to know how to treat lactose intolerance pain at home and overcome it. 

Natural Home Remedies for Lactose Intolerance

A large number of people experience lactose intolerance after they cross the infancy stage in their life. This is because infants are said to have the maximum amount of lactase in their bodies. And the statistics prove that more than 70% of the global adult population today is lactose intolerant. 

Hence, this proves the urgency for people to switch their dietary habits and get along with the below essentials to overcome the symptoms through home remedies:

Aloe Vera Juice 

Aloe Vera works towards boosting the enzyme function within your body. As a result, the lactase enzymes function prominently to help you digest lactose better than ever. In addition, it’ll suppress the effects of lactose intolerance. 

How to Make and Consume it?

Aloe Vera for lactose intolerance is best consumed in the form of juice. The steps to prepare it are as follows:

  • Get an aloe vera leaf. You can either get it from health food stores or supermarkets. Moreover, if you have a mature aloe vera plant in your backyard, pluck one whole leaf for the juice. 
  • Prefer spraying some vinegar on the leaf and scrubbing it with a clean brush. Rinse it well under a running tap and then dry it out. 
  • Cut off the white & thick part of the leaf. Now, use a bowl and set the leaf in an upright position. It ensures that the aloin, a yellowish sap, drains out from the lead. It’s important to eliminate the bitter flavors. Let it hold the position for ten minutes.
  • After wiping the leaf with a tissue, discard all the yellowish latex you see and add them to a bowl of water for the next two minutes. Once it’s clean, cut them into pieces and keep the pieces on the cutting board. 
  • Use a sharp knife to remove the skin and expose the gel part. Now wash it off again to eliminate any leftover bitterness. 
  • Add them to a blender cup with fresh water, sweetener, and lime juice. Let the mixture blend, and your aloe vera juice is ready. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar ought to work for lactose intolerant people because it turns alkaline once you consume it, and it reaches the stomach. As a result, it neutralizes the acids in your stomach and helps your body digest dairy sugar. 

fresh apples and apple cider vinegar

As a result, you’ll be able to consume milk without triggering the intolerance symptoms such as bloating, nausea, or gas. You must prepare your apple cider vinegar drink and consume it only once a day, to get effective healing results. 

How to Consume It?

All you need is one tbsp of apple cider vinegar and one glass of warm water. Now dump the apple cider vinegar mixture into the glass of warm water to prepare the drink. Once it blends well, go ahead and consume it. 

Chamomile Tea

If you want to know how to treat lactose intolerance symptoms once they’re triggered, then chamomile tea is the right remedy for it. 

Chamomile tea is known for its anti-bloating efficiency. It helps your body fight gas and abdominal pain that is caused due to lactose intolerance. It also balances the pH level of your stomach to neutralize all the disturbing acids. 

As a result, the tea will ease your discomfort immediately and help your body break down the undigested lactose or flush it out of your system. 

It’s suggested you consume it twice or thrice every day to ease the symptoms and heal your intolerance condition. 

How to Consume it?

For preparing this tea, you’ll need two tbsps. of chamomile flowers (dried), and ½ cup hot water. Add the chamomile flowers to the hot water cup, and cover the top. Let the water soak in the properties of chamomile flowers for the next five minutes. 

When the time’s up, strain out the liquid and separate it from the flower parts. Now, you have your tea. Go ahead and drink it either when the pain is too much or in a routine to have three rounds of it.  

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder, sugar, or any sort of chocolate powder can slow down the emptying rate of our stomach. Hence, this slows down the rate at which lactose deposits in your body. 

Lactose will have to face challenges while entering your digestive system all at once. Hence, the slow entry suppresses the possibility of you experiencing bloating, gas, or diarrhea symptoms due to it. 

As per some studies, it’s specified cocoa powder has shown progressive results in suppressing the symptom score of bloating and cramping, which occurs due to lactose intolerance. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an alternative to butter, a lactose byproduct of milk. So, if you want to restrict your body from triggering lactose intolerance symptoms, you must prefer lactose-free alternatives to help your body heal. 

coconut oil and coconut products

Coconut oil is free from lactose content. Not just as a butter alternative, but regular consumption of it has proven results in soothing your stomach and improving your digestion abilities. 

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are known for their antispasmodic, astringent and carminative properties. In addition, it means that cumin seeds have proven results in relieving our body of bloating symptoms and helping with better digestion.

It can also overcome other symptoms, such as colic, bowel spasms, gas, and diarrhea. So, when you feel like your body is rejecting lactose and is triggering some painful symptoms, try consuming cumin seeds. 

It’ll not just heal your symptoms at the moment but will break down lactose and help it digest. 

How to Consume it?

For preparing a consumable beverage, you’ll need 2 tbsp. of cumin seeds and four cups of water. Now, add the seeds to water and let the mixture boil. 

Once done, strain out the seeds and drink the resulting drink at least two or three times a day. Drinking it’ll give you instant relief from the painful intolerance symptoms, and adding it to your diet can improve overall digestion. 

Essential Oils

Two forms of essential oils possibly work for lactose intolerance conditions. They’re lemon and peppermint essential oil. 

Lemon essential oil acts as a neutralizing agent for stomach acids, which as a result, boosts the digestive capabilities of your stomach. Hence, it relieves you from the adverse symptoms caused by lactose intolerance. 

On the other hand, peppermint oil is known for soothing your digestive abilities. It relaxes your system to take in lactose and break it down to free you from bloating, gas, and diarrhea problems. 

How to Make it?

The procedure for making a concoction out of these essentials is the same. You just need either one drop of peppermint or lemon oil and add it to a glass of water. Now you can drink it once every day. It’s recommended that you use cold water for lemon essential oil. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea made from the roots is known for healing nausea and symptoms of abdominal pain. Moreover, it also helps ease the symptoms caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms. This is because it reduces the inflammation in the intestines and maintains the required level of digestive juice. 

tea with ginger lemon and honey

It’s one of the best lactose intolerance home remedies, as it helps restore healthy digestive properties in many ways. Moreover, it has shown significant results in improving lactose intolerance conditions. So, it’s advised you consume ginger tea at least once a day. 

One cup can help prepare your body to fight lactose intolerance and digest the natural milk sugar better throughout the day. 

How to Consume it?

To prepare it, you’ll need one tbsp. of crushed ginger, one tbsp. of honey, lime juice, and water. 

You have to boil the crushed ginger ingredient in water and let it sit in it for five minutes. Then, strain the ginger, and add honey and lime juice. The concoction is now effectively ready for treating lactose intolerance symptoms. 

Hard Cheese

If you have lactose intolerance, you’re strictly prohibited from consuming dairy products, including cheese. But that is just a half-truth because, with a careful choice of cheese, you can have it without experiencing intolerance symptoms. 

Hard and aged cheese is low in lactose. Some of them include parmesan, cheddar, and Swiss. So, you can consume them to be on the safer side without completely missing out on the dairy fun. 

Some other cheese options that are low in lactose are feta or cottage cheese, made up of sheep or goat’s milk. 

We know that you all have a soft corner for mozzarella cheese too. But, if you’re lactose intolerant, you have to ask yourself a question, does mozzarella have lactose? It’s important because you can’t risk troubling your digestive system. 


Kefir is more like a probiotic popularly known for improving digestive strength for lactose intolerant individuals. Moreover, it also enhances overall gut health to reduce inflammation. 

Kefir is made with and without dairy products, but the bacterial culture infused into its making procedures is useful for digesting lactose. Hence, this can be an ideal part of your lactose intolerance home remedies

You must consume one cup of kefir water every day to improve your body’s ability to digest lactose and get relief from any existing symptoms. 


Kombucha is yet another probiotic, also known as green tea or fermented black tea. It’s used for improving the healthy functioning of the gut. As a result, it also treats the symptoms triggered by metabolic disorders, such as lactose intolerance. 

fermented tea in glass jars with cloth cover

The problems associated with lactose indigestion can be healed at home with one glass of kombucha daily. 

Kombucha is readily available at the stores as a drink for you to consume. You can also buy tea bags to steep it in a cup of hot water and avail its healing benefits. 

Lactase Enzyme Supplement 

The sole reason your body rejects lactose is the absence of lactase enzymes in your body. So, the problem can be sorted out with an effective lactase enzyme supplement.

It’ll boost the production rate of these enzymes in your body, which will efficiently help your system break and absorb lactose for good. 

Optima Healthy Gut Solution is one of the best supplements we have introduced for digestive and gut health. It helps increase the production and functionality of lactase enzymes in your body and will also work towards healing leaky gut syndrome, improving nutrient absorption, and reducing inflammation. 

Lemon Juice

As lemon juice consists of Vitamin C and citric acid, it helps build the walls of our stomach. As a result, they enhance their resistance to deal with dairy intolerance symptoms when your body fails to digest them. 

Moreover, it also promotes the production of lactase enzymes in your body to help your system break down the undigested lactose-causing intolerance. 

How to Consume it?

You need 2 tbsps. of lemon juice, a glass of warm water, and one tbsp. of honey. Mix lemon juice to warm water and then add honey for added taste. You must consume it daily on an empty stomach in the morning.

Lime Juice

Lemon and lime share the same nutrient profile and healing properties. The only difference is that lemon tastes sweet, while lime tastes bitter and sour. Hence, the properties are the same in helping you cope with lactose intolerance symptoms. 

You can prepare the drink, as you did with the lemon juice, mixing it with warm water and adding honey. Then, drink it on an empty stomach daily for effective and faster results. 

Milk Alternatives 

Lactose is the natural sugar of cow’s milk. So, to prevent the symptoms of intolerance, the best way is to avoid consuming it. But your body does need the milk nutrients for healthy functionality and growth. 

a bottle and glass of milk

Therefore, you can consider consuming alternatives such as almond, coconut, soy, oat, and rice milk. All of these alternatives are free from lactose and share almost the same nutrient profile as that cow’s milk. 

Soy and almond milk are the most favorable alternatives for dealing with lactose intolerance among all. But if you’re new to these alternatives and want to have the best, then try comparing soy milk and almond milk, based on their nutrient profile and health attributes, to pick the one that suits you. 

If not, you can also try tasting both of them and pick the one that satisfies your taste buds. 


Peppermint is a hidden gem among all of these home remedies that has anti-inflammatory properties, which are unknown to most to date. In addition, it’s capable of soothing the pain that occurs in your stomach due to lactose intolerance. 

Peppermint’s effects are similar to ginger, which helps you overcome intestinal irritation, gas, bloating, and diarrhea problems. In addition, including it in your diet plan can heal your lactose intolerance responses. 

How to Consume it?

Get some fresh peppermint leaves, and boil them in plain water for around fifteen minutes. Once the time’s up, strain the liquid out, and add one tbsp. of honey to it for added taste. 

Prefer drinking this tea twice daily, and you shall see significant improvement in your condition over time. 


Saffron is known for a plethora of health and nourishment benefits. But beyond all of that, it also works as an aid for indigestion problems. This is because saffron flushes out the harmful toxins that are stuck within the intestines, causing severe pain and discomfort. 

It works by improving the flow of blood to your digestive system, eradicating the pain and other symptoms associated with lactose intolerance. It also prevents the formation of gas in your stomach. 

You can add saffron in plain milk or alternatives and consume it to heal your digestive tract. One glass of milk every day can help improve your condition and your body’s response to lactose. 


Most people dump the idea of drinking milk or its alternatives as they don’t want to risk consuming dairy by any means. As a result, you’ll miss out on a rich source of calcium. 

So, as you prevent lactose intolerance symptoms by avoiding milk, don’t compromise your body’s calcium needs. Sardines are one such calcium-rich alternative that you can use instead of milk, to give you the nutrient your bones need. 

sardines in can with oil

It might not be one of the direct lactose intolerance home remedies, but it can still be an evident part of your healing diet. 


All yogurts that consist of active bacterial cultures help your body break down lactose and keep you safe from intolerance symptoms. Even though it’s made up of dairy byproducts, the bacterial cultures tend to produce lactase within your body to help with proper digestion. 

Your body will accept yogurt because it’s made to soothe your gut health. But if your body still rejects it, then you can get yourself the best yogurt without lactose

Bid Your Farewell to Lactose Intolerance and its Adverse Symptoms

How to Stop Lactose Intolerance Pain Immediately?

The best way to get immediate relief from lactose intolerance pain is by consuming lactase enzyme supplements. The rapid production of these enzymes will help your body break down lactose in your body and get it absorbed. As a result, your pain symptoms will start to ease. 

But to make sure it doesn’t return, try avoiding dairy products, and prefer the lactose-free alternatives. Try out the remedies listed above for better results in dealing with pain and discomfort due to lactose intolerance.

Does Pepto Bismol Help With Lactose Intolerance?

Yes, Pepto Bismol can probably help with lactose intolerance but only for a short amount of time. It’s known for treating bloating, gas, nausea, pain, and diarrhea conditions in your body.

For lactose intolerance, it’ll just act as an instant symptom suppressor, as you’ll need the above remedies in your diet and habits to lower the effect permanently. 

How to Fix Lactose Overload?

Lactose overload is a condition that mostly occurs in babies. As the name suggests, when the baby’s digestive tract is flooded with excessive lactose due to overfeeding or improper feeding management, the baby experiences lactose overload. 

It can be fixed by changing the feeding approach of the baby. Try out different positions for the baby while he/she is feeding on milk. For example, try putting your baby in a laid-back position or make him/her lie on your side. It’ll help improve milk flow in your baby’s body. 


These are the lactose intolerance home remedies you should try and adapt as soon as possible. It’s not just to experience instant relief from the immediate discomfort but heal the condition over time. You must revive the healthy attributes of your digestive tract, and the right nutrients from varying compounds can make it possible. 

While implementing all of these remedies, make sure to get your pack of lactase enzyme supplements. Our Optima Healthy Gut Solution is the perfect bet for you to deal with your lactase deficiency problem. Prefer taking this supplement as per the dosage mentioned over the pack to see gradual improvements. 

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