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In today’s video, I am going to be discussing our Superhumn supplement Infinity. And I am so excited about Infinity because Infinity is all about supporting your longevity.

And when we talk about longevity, we’re talking about yes, the goal is to live longer, but more importantly, than the goal is to live longer, is the goal is to live longer while living healthier and having, maintaining the high-quality health of life. Quality of life is so important when we talk about longevity. Not just, hey, how many years can I stay on this planet? But how many years can I stay on this planet living the full expression and the full version of yourself? And that’s what it means to be superhuman. So this product is designed specifically to support that. Now probably the biggest thing that’s in here, that’s going to support your longevity is there is a NAD booster in here called NR.

Let’s back up a step and talk about what NAD is in the first place. NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Quite the tongue twister, right? So what NAD is, is everything that is alive on this planet utilizes NAD to produce energy on a cellular level. And as we age, as humans age, our NAD levels slowly or sometimes rapidly start to decrease, so much so that a healthy 40-year-old has about 40 to 60% of the NAD levels that they had when they were in their early twenties. And that’s a healthy 40-year-old. So just imagine somebody who’s not so healthy, maybe have had, suffered from different disease states or they just don’t take very good care of themselves, or they just live in high stress all the time or a combination of all of these things. Those people are going to have more reasons than their NAD levels over time have decreased.

And NR, which stands for nicotine riboside is a precursor to NAD. And it’s been shown that NR will boost your NAD levels about 30 to 40% of where they are currently.

You cannot take NAD orally as a supplement directly. Well, you can take it, but your body’s going to break it down before it absorbs it all. You can use boosters like NR to increase your NAD level. Now, there are other ways to boost NAD in your body. I have some other programs that boost NAD. I invite you if you’re interested, to look at some of those things and we can dive in deeper to NAD and other ways to boost NAD.

Along with boosting your NAD levels, there are other supplements in here that are going to help support your longevity. So those things include things like reishi mushrooms, trans-resveratrol, green tea extracts, bilberry, just to name a few. These are all things that have scientifically been shown to help increase your longevity and increase your quality of life and really support healthy aging because it’s so important again, as we’re not just about, hey, this is going to make you live longer. It’s about if you’re living longer, gain the most out of life and having a high quality and being that full superhuman version of yourself.

Now, when is the best time to take Infinity? The best time to take Infinity is going to be to take it in the morning or early afternoon. Infinity does have a little bit of caffeine in it, the sooner you take this in the day, the better you’re going to be at burning off that caffeine it’s not affecting your sleep cycles at night.

I do recommend you take Infinity in the morning or earlier in the day. Really enjoy this one, take care and bye for now.

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