Do I Really Need To Take Supplements Doc?

One of the questions I get asked a lot from clients is, “Doc, do I really need to be taking supplements?”

And it’s a really good question, and I want to talk a little bit about that and give a complete answer to that.

The answer is if we got all the nutrients that we needed from the food that we eat and what we’re drinking, we really shouldn’t have a need for supplements at all. Correct? Unfortunately, we live in a world that it’s actually very hard to get all the foundational nutrients that you need. One of the biggest reasons is just a lot of us are eating crappy food, let’s be honest. I mean, if you’re eating food that’s coming out of a box, if you look at the label and you can’t pronounce half the ingredients there in that food, you’re really not getting all the nutrients that you need. You’re getting a lot of fillers in those types of food. So we’re not getting all the nutrients that we need just simply because of the choices that we’re making right there.

But even if you eat very clean and organic and eat real food, food that doesn’t come in a box…

Unfortunately, we now live in a world where our soil is so depleted of nutrients that even all the healthy, organic food, often, not always for a lot of people, they’re just still not getting all the nutrients that they need. How do we know this? Because I have clients who are extremely healthy, have great lifestyle choices, there are certain blood tests that you can do, they’re called micronutrient testing, and this testing will show where people have deficiencies on the essential, the foundational, the essential nutrients that we all need. We all need a certain amount of vitamin C, we need a certain amount of vitamin D, we can go in the Bs and these foundational things that we all need. A cool thing you should know, you can be tested and you should be tested to see if you’re getting all these things that you need. Maybe you’re not, you can supplement.

Another issue why a lot of people don’t get the nutrients that they need is a really big one and one that we address with one of our supplements in Superhumn, which is you might have damaged leaky gut. In fact, almost everybody does have some form of leaky gut going on. That means that your digestive system isn’t properly breaking down foods completely and you’re not properly absorbing the nutrients that you need when that occurs. So that is something that we can often see in blood work as well too because we’re seeing those deficiencies in nutrients that they need.

The other thing that happens when you have a leaky gut type situation is because you’re not properly breaking down foods, now foods are going into your system not properly broken down, your immune system sees those foods going into your bloodstream and it actually starts to attack those foods that are seemingly healthy foods and now you develop what’s called a food sensitivity. That’s something like say an avocado that we want you to eat and it has great nutrients and great nutritional value actually might become toxic to you. We see this quite a bit in the testing that we do. You can do food sensitivity testing to find this out.

We eat too much food that creates inflammation. So I’ll tell you two big ones, gluten, that you find a lot in bread and dairy, cause a lot of inflammation. I mean, almost everybody can just benefit from cutting out or at very least cutting way back on those types of things to control that inflammatory process. It is often those things that are causing that inflammatory process that is also causing your leaky gut and then it just becomes this vicious cycle of you have a leaky gut, which causes more inflammation, which causes more of a leaky gut.

We can heal those things, you can heal all those things, but it’s something to be very important for you to be aware of when it comes to the food choices that you’re making and how it’s affecting your health and wellbeing with that.

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