Did You Know I Studied Gambling On The Race Track At ASU?

When I was in college, my undergrad degree was actually, and I have it to prove it was a thing called Race Track Industry.

It essentially was a gambling degree. I was going to the University of Arizona. Didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. And, I heard about this unique degree that they had, which was Race Track Industry. And there were two sides to this degree. One side of it was very specific people who raised thoroughbreds and were on the side of the race track industry of breeding the horses and raising the horses. And there’s just a huge industry there. I knew nothing about that. And, the other side of it was managing and running a sportsbook, which of course they have at race tracks. But then also there are different sportsbooks in Vegas and different gambling areas around the world.

I wasn’t super into gambling or anything like that. But what actually attracted me to this was, they had a very good internship program, and I had family in New York and I wanted to spend some summers in New York City.

That sounded like a great way to spend some college years. I ended up joining this degree. I could specifically get this internship at the Meadowlands, which is in New Jersey. It’s a whole sports complex. It’s where the Giants play football, but they also have a basketball arena there and they have a horse track there. I technically worked for the horse track, but I worked for the marketing department. Got to spend a summer in New York, which was 1994, which is a cool summer to live there. A couple of big things were happening that year. I was there during World Cup soccer.

Got to be part of the World Cup soccer experience there. It was also the same year that the Rangers won the Stanley Cup. I got to be involved with that. Go to a couple of Stanley Cup games. It was just a really cool experience. Of course, as a college kid being in New York City, was just a lot of fun. Loved, loved, loved New York City. Certainly being there, it was like, I would never want to live in New York City. It’s a lot of city for me, but very cool experience being at the Meadowlands. A lot of cool concerts came through.

There were Grateful Dead concerts, all kinds of… It was just an interesting, great experience that I got to have as a college student.

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