Can Stress Cause Testicle Pain?

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can stress cause testicle pain

Testicular pain is currently affecting more than 100,000 men in the United States every year. Such symptoms are bothersome for men and make it difficult for them to live a usual life.

Among all the causes, we want to tell you that stress has reportedly been a common culprit in causing testicular pain. 

So, if you ask, “Can stress cause testicle pain?” the answer is Yes! There’s medical evidence to it as well. 

And this is what we intend to address through this post for all men out there. Testicle pain is a sign of an emergency. Irrespective of the cause, such symptoms indicate that your body is undergoing some strain. 

And if you’re under mental stress, testicle pain is just one of the many health disorders you’ll soon encounter. 

So, let’s find a way to end your stress and treat the testicle pain symptoms toward living a healthy and pain-free life. 

Testicle Pain Causes

Stress has resulted in a lot of external and internal pain conditions. For instance, jaw pain from anxiety and stress is a common condition because we often clench our jaws in stress more than during usual times. As a result, such pain problems occur! Similarly, there’s a connection between your mental health to testicle health. 

To help you understand how stress acts on triggering your chronic testicle pain conditions, you must understand all the underlying causes that lead to this condition:


A hernia is a medical condition where a tissue of your body is pushed through the weak areas of your abdomen muscles. A specific type of hernia, an inguinal hernia, pushes the tissues into the scrotum muscles. Hence the pain triggers in the testicles. 

Think! Can stress cause a hernia as well? Not mental stress but physical stress on the lower body might increase your chances of experiencing a hernia. If you’re already suffering from testicle pain due to a hernia, physical stress will worsen it. 

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones aren’t considered a direct cause of testicle pain but are stated as referred pain to the condition. Stones in your kidney will cause unbearable pain in your abdomen, which might advance towards the scrotum area, and you’ll experience a painful sensation. 

man suffering from lower back pain

You may also wonder, “Can stress cause kidney stones?” The answer to it is Yes! When stress meets chronic dehydration, it triggers the formation of kidney stones. 


Epididymitis is a form of infection that takes place in the epididymis. The epididymis is an organ that matures sperm before it leaves the body. Such infection in the organ will create a painful sensation that will gradually increase. Your scrotum will also start to feel hot when you touch it. In worst cases, your testicles might also swell. 

Epididymitis is mostly caused due to sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Your doctors will be able to help you in such conditions. 


Orchitis is a direct cause of testicle pain because it’s an inflammation or infection in the testicles. In most cases, if you neglect the epididymitis infection, you might suffer from orchitis. Some associated symptoms of orchitis are nausea, testicular pain, swelling in the testicles, vomiting, and fatigue. 

One should treat orchitis immediately because, at times, the pain might worsen and cause testicular torsion, which is a severe medical emergency. 


If you have experienced an injury in the testicle, it might result in a bruise, swelling, and pain. If the trauma to the testicles is critical, it might develop hematocele, similar to that of a blood clot around the testicle. Hence, this affects the blood flow around the area and triggers extreme pain. 

Testicular Pain and Mental Health Link

There are immense medical reasons why you can experience a painful sensation in your testicles. These reasons are sometimes unavoidable, and we can’t help ourselves by avoiding these health issues. But one thing that we can control is our mental health. There’s psychological evidence for testicle pain, which is controllable if you try and overcome stress. 

man sitting on the bed and in pain

When doctors find no organic cause for the testicle pain symptoms, psychological factors are proven to be impactful in worsening this pain situation. Suppose you’re in some form of stress due to sexual dysfunction, sexual abuse in the past, depression, somatization, or anxiety problems. In that case, such poor mental health will escalate this pain situation. 

At times, the stress in work or life makes it difficult for a person to perform sexually. As a result, the stress and embarrassment grow. People find it even more stressful to address the condition than the problem itself. And such a negative downline on your mental health will take a toll on your body and might hit your genitals hard from within. 

In this way, your mental health triggers your chronic testicular pain condition. You must work on managing your stress through self-motivation, therapy sessions, and medications. All of it will help you overcome stress and eventually deal with your sexual tension as well. 

With such measures, you can be sure that the pain symptoms won’t return! Now, you have a clear answer to whether can stress cause testicle pain

Diagnosis of Testicular Pain

Now that you’re aware of how severe the testicular pain condition can be, you must learn how it’s diagnosed. 

Immediate Action Is Required

Diagnosis of testicular pain is often made through a physical examination of the testicles, scrotum, groin, and abdomen. Doctors might also test the reflexes of your testicles with different methods. If there’s no physical cause for the testicle pain, doctors might collect your blood or urine sample to identify any possibility of infection or adverse medical conditions. 

If urologists and nephrologists don’t find anything wrong in your blood or urine samples, they conclude that it’s a psychological problem. The right doctor is then appointed to direct the treatment accordingly. 

Non-Urgent Advice

Stress has often been linked to sexual dysfunction. Just like that, stress also plays a vital role in triggering pain around your genitals. After knowing that stress is the prime cause of this pain and might worsen if you don’t improve your mental health, start seeking help from friends, family, therapists, and anyone who can comfort you. 

man at a therapy session

Treatment for Testicular Pain

If stress is the reason for your testicle pain situation, you must heal the root cause to eradicate the symptoms. You can take your time on that, but in the meanwhile, you must attend to the painful sensation as well. Therefore, here are ways you can treat when your testicles start to hurt:

  • Prefer bathing with warm water. 
  • Apply an ice pack to the testicle area.
  • Place a towel under the scrotum while lying down.
  • Buy and wear an athletic cup to experience relief from pain.
  • Use pain relievers that can be purchased without a prescription. 

Some pain relievers, antibiotics, and antidepressants might also come in handy while treating testicle pain due to stress. Some of the common prescription pain relievers for orchitis or injury conditions are acetaminophen, aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen. 

Chronic Scrotal and Testicular Pain Management

It becomes of utmost importance for you to conservatively manage the testicle and scrotal pain conditions at the earliest. If you keep neglecting the symptoms, the root cause will continue to deteriorate your healthy bodily functions. Moreover, as genitals lie in the lower area of your body, you’ll face problems even sitting, walking, and working comfortably.

Testicle pain when sitting in an inappropriate position will only worsen the condition. Therefore, proper management is of utmost necessity! 

Such pain conditions, if goes unattended, also result in fibrotic changes. It means the skin around the scrotum and testicle will start thickening. If you don’t treat your stress problems and attend to the pain symptoms, a surgical procedure might be recommended as a request. 

Don’t Let Your Testicles Take the Blow of Your Stress! FAQs

sitting man covering his face with both hands

Why Do My Balls Hurt When I Am Stressed?

When you get stressed, the nervous system starts to become too excited. It instructs the smooth testicle and scrotum muscles to pull up. In this way, the balls shrivel up when the nervous system reacts to the stressful and overwhelming excitement. 

Can Anxiety Make Your Balls Tight?

Yes, anxiety can make your balls tight! When you’re anxious, the testicle muscles tighten up and pull the balls upward towards the body. And such reflexes give that sensation of tightness in your genital area whenever you’re anxious or due to a cold sensation. 

Can Testicle Pain Be Psychosomatic?

Yes, there is strong evidence for testicle pain to be psychosomatic when no organic cause is identified. Such issues need a different kind of approach for healing the root causes. In the meanwhile, pain treatments should be routine. 


So, people who came here with the question, “Can stress cause testicle pain?” probably have got their answers sound and clear. If you’re in such a painful situation and are considering stress as the root cause, you might just be right! 

But it’s still advisable that you confirm the cause with your doctors through proper diagnosis. It will help you decide what medications and treatment approaches will help heal the problem. 

There are supplements and consumable medicines that can help you control your stress levels. It will eventually improve the health of your genitals and will prevent you from all other stress-related health problems. 

Enhancing your mood and overcoming stress isn’t a big deal anymore. Irrespective of what’s eating you in there, try having a Serenity Mood Enhancement supplement. It will help you with improved adrenaline, better sleep, positive mental recovery, and proactive energy.

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