Aloe Vera for Gut Health: Does It Really Work?

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aloe vera for gut health

Aloe Vera is a magic herb that has been a help to mankind for hair and skin treatments for ages. Aloe Vera consists of 99.5% water! But, the solid 0.5% portions possess the maximum active nutrients that aid several health adversities.

Apart from skin and hair, aloe vera for gut health has been a proven remedy for a long time. When you find your stomach unhealthy and have a leaky gut causing you a burning sensation, aloe vera will initiate the cooling sensation to heal your symptoms.  

Alongside that, it will also provide you with comfort and energy. If you’re keen on learning how Aloe Vera can help you heal your gut and other health adversities, then you’ve landed on the right page. Read along till the end to know everything about aloe vera.

What Is Aloe Vera?

The best way to understand aloe vera is to count on it as a cactus-like plant mostly found in hot and dry climates. Historically, this plant has been consistently used for treating baldness and wounds on the skin. It’s consumed either topically or orally, depending on how people want to treat the health adversities.

Topical use of aloe is common for skin conditions such as acne burns on the skin, wounds, rashes, and skin toxicity. And oral use of aloe is adequate for treating diabetes, weight loss, hepatitis, and gut health.

There have been several clinical studies by health and herb experts on aloe vera, and they have validated its usage. They believe it can be preferably used as a dietary remedy or a topical applicator.

Topical creams and ointments with aloe vera as the prime ingredient are available in most Over-The-Counter (OTC) stores. But, in most instances, oral consumption should be guided by a health expert after assessing your condition. And this is all that you should know about aloe and its impact on your healthy life.

Aloe Vera and Leaky Gut

Is aloe vera good for leaky gut? Yes, it is! For our wonders, aloe vera consists of many digestive enzymes, friendly bacteria, and mucilage.

Now, you might be wondering, what are the perks of their existence? Don’t worry; we’ll help you out with that!

aloe vera in a pot

Mucilage is found in the gel form of aloe vera, and it helps in healing the leaky gut. What is mucilage? It’s the sugar in aloe gel. The best thing about it is that you get anti-inflammatory properties from it that work on reducing gut inflammation or bloating.

Aloe Vera is squeezed to collect the mucilage, which traps water in your digestive tract. And this helps you pass the stool effortlessly every morning. Hence, the mucilage in aloe vera for gut health is a win!

Following that, the next big reason our body becomes prey to inflammation is the lack of friendly bacteria in the gut. Some specific bacteria species take the mantle of keeping the gut line healthy.

Such bacteria are like immunity boosters for your gut health. And aloe vera helps tighten up the gut barrier for you by producing more of these friendly bacteria in your gut. It also neutralizes the excessive production of stomach acid, easing the heartburn sensation in your body.

Aloe vera for gut health is a true game changer as the herb consists of a total of eight digestive enzymes in it. In case you’re unaware of the enzymes, they’re accountable as mini food processing agents. They help you break down the food you consume and derive its nutrients, and let your body absorb them to energize the cells.

Aloe Vera has eight of them, and that will help it improve your digestive strength and prevent leaky gut.

Ingredients in Aloe Vera Gel that Helps with Leaky Gut

Aloe Vera gel, when mixed or stirred in water, is called aloe vera juice, which is the oral way of consuming this medicinal herb. So, the ingredients in the gel are what pass onto the juice and then your gut.

Now that you’re aware of the properties of Aloe Vera that help improve gut health, it’s time you learn about the ingredients that make it possible:

  1. Salicylic Acid: Salicylic acid is widely popular as a comfort ingredient for the abdominal area. Therefore, it’s a core ingredient for aspirin as well.
  1. Mineral Zinc: Aloe is mineral zinc that strengthens the gut barrier function. Due to that, this ingredient helps with therapeutic effects for your gastrointestinal problems.
  1. Acemannan: To your knowledge, acemannan is the major active ingredient of Aloe Vera gel. It’s the healthy sugar that’s found on the inner leaf of the plant. Acemannan is the sole ingredient responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties, and immunity-boosting potential of Aloe Vera.  

Beyond these ingredients, aloe vera has many more nutrients and compounds that collectively contribute to improving your gut health. You can also take prebiotics to treat a leaky gut and improve the functionality of the digestive system.

Other Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

So, we’re now clear on how aloe vera heals our gut health. But what’s more of it? If you’re consuming aloe vera for cleansing your gut, then you must have the curiosity to learn about what other magic healings it can do to your health.

Aloe Vera juice

To help you with this enlightening knowledge, here are some of the healing benefits of aloe vera, other than its digestive aid properties:

Rich in Nutrients

Aloe Vera comprises around 75 active constituents or healthy plant compounds such as minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, saponins, salicylic acids, lignin, and enzymes.

Aloe vera juice also consists of beta-carotene, a yellow-red pigment that acts as an antioxidant and improves eye health, such as corneal and retinal function.


The antioxidant property is useful for good health, and Aloe Vera has a lot of it that belongs to a substance family, polyphenols. Polyphenols and other such compounds in aloe vera prevent the growth of infection-causing bacteria.

Aid in the Treatment of Skin Conditions

Aloe Vera is commonly known for its antiviral, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties as well. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for healing skin problems and healing wounds.

For such results, you must use aloe vera as a topical medication and rub it over the affected area of your skin rather than orally consuming it.

Aloe Vera has shown convincing results in treating sores and burns on the skin. Moreover, health experts also suggest that aloe vera is an ideal remedy, even for first and second-degree burns.

A practical survey states that aloe vera can reduce the healing time of burns by nine days in comparison to the usual medications.

Irrespective of the type of skin adversity you’re going through, a topical form of aloe vera can potentially heal it.

Pre-diabetes Treatment

Survey evidence states that more than 1.4 million people in the United States suffer from diabetes yearly. And in 2019, more than 96 million Americans had pre-diabetes.

sliced Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is said to improve the glycemic control potential in people with pre-diabetes and type-2 diabetes conditions. The results are obtained by consuming aloe vera in powder, juice, crushed leaves, or as an extract.

The herb enhances insulin sensitivity in the body and improves the management of blood sugar levels.

Improves Dental and Oral Health

Tooth decay, gum disease, and dental disorders are common health adversities for humans. The best way to prevent such conditions is to prevent plaque buildup or bacterial growth on teeth.

Studies have proven that consuming pure aloe vera juice, along with the practice of using standard mouthwash and dental habits, can reduce the build-up of plaque in your mouth. Further tests prove that aloe vera kills the plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth to improve your oral and dental health.

Promotes Collagen Production

Aloe Vera has notable results in promoting collagen production in your skin. As a result, it will help slow down the signs of aging and reduce the wrinkles on your skin. Collagen is one of the most important proteins in our bodies and is mostly found in bones, skin, organs, and muscles.

Prevents Ulcers

The existence of Vitamin C in aloe vera triggers anti-inflammatory properties. Collectively, all of these anti-inflammatory compounds. As a result, digestion is improved, and the incidence of stomach ulcers is also prevented. You’ll have to orally consume aloe vera for this preventive effect.

Apart from that, aloe vera can also treat mouth ulcers with topical creams. It doesn’t just heal the ulcers over time but also soothes the pain with immediate effect.

Relief from Heartburn

Heartburn or acid reflux is a condition that occurs when acid leaves the stomach and moves up to the esophagus. Aloe Vera is a proven herb, the extracts of which, when consumed, can reduce heartburn symptoms and neutralizes the acids causing that effect.

woman observing aloe vera plant

Risks of Consuming Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is safe in most aspects of consumption and application. But there are very few side effects, which might occur not for all, but a few consumers.

It’s said that aloe vera has laxative effects, which might cause diarrhea or stomach cramps if you overdose on it. Moreover, suppose you’re using aloe vera supplements for a prolonged period of time without a doctor’s consultation. In that case, there’s a risk of liver damage, which is a rare scenario.

How to Safely Include Aloe Vera in Your Diet?

Noting the risks, you should consult your doctor if you’re unsure how much aloe vera is good for you and what amount is too much for a day. If you already know the ratio of consumption, then here are a few safe ways of adding aloe vera to your diet:

  • Drink the aloe vera juice as it is.
  • Add aloe vera juice to smoothies.
  • Blend aloe vera juice in cocktails.
  • Use aloe vera juice in your gelatin.
  • Mix aloe vera juice in your lemonade.

Is Aloe Vera Safe to Drink?

Aloe Vera is safe to drink only if you’re going with the prescribed dosage or amount of consumption.

It’s said that aloe vera juice or supplement should be consumed only for a short period of time, till the time your health condition, such as gut health, is neutralized. Aloe latex or whole-leaf extracts are somehow unsafe when consumed in high doses.

 aloe vera juice

Can Aloe Vera Heal Stomach Lining?

Yes, aloe vera can heal your stomach lining. The inner gel of the aloe vera plant has healing, cooling, and antimicrobial properties, which soothe the inflammation in your stomach. It promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in your stomach, which maintains the strength of your gut lining and heals the adverse symptoms.

Does Aloe Vera Juice Help With Inflammation?

Yes, aloe vera juice helps with inflammation in your stomach. The existence of mucilage in aloe vera will trap water in your digestive tract, triggering bowel movement and easy passing of the stool. As a result, your stomach inflammation will be reduced.

Is It Possible to Cleanse the Liver With Aloe Vera Juice?

Yes, it’s possible to cleanse your liver with aloe vera juice. Liver functions with its maximum potential when your body is hydrated and nourished. Aloe Vera juice doesn’t just keep your body hydrated, but also nourishes it with phytonutrients.


So, you’re finally done gathering all the information on “is aloe vera good for digestion” and how aloe vera is the best remedy for most of your health problems.

Problems with your gut health can make you seriously uncomfortable and distressed. Aloe Vera, when consumed right and in the prescribed dosage, can cure these symptoms within a short span of time.

You must consult your doctor to note how long you should continue consuming your aloe vera juice or extract. In this way, you won’t be at risk of experiencing any of the mentioned side effects.

While you’re already on your aloe vera diet, also try Optima Healthy Gut Solution, which can escalate the healing effects of your digestive system. It supports the body’s ability to reduce inflammation and heals leaky gut syndrome.

You can also check our post on weight gain due to leaky gut.

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